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What You Feed Will Stick Around

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A Word From Our Pastor…Michael Priest

In October of 1993 our family was preparing to move from one ministry location to another.  I had submitted my resignation from my church and we began the heart-wrenching 2-week process of packing and saying goodbye to people we loved.  On the day I submitted my resignation a cute little kitten wandered up to our house.  Now, you have to understand, we are not cat people.  We aren’t haters, but we aren’t lovers either.  I told my tender-hearted wife, “Do not feed that kitten.  If you do, it will not leave and it will be ours.”  The truth is, I did not want that kitten! Well, that little girl sat in our carport for 2 weeks, meowing and begging for food.  When we walked out the door, she would lovingly snuggle up against our legs.  She was obviously hungry and wanted attention, but again, I knew if we fed her, the cat would never leave.  The two weeks flew by, and on the day we loaded the moving truck to move to our new ministry assignment, the kitten was still there!  I knew what that meant: Carolyn was secretly feeding the kitten. When I confronted her she admitted that indeed she had been feeding the little feline because she just couldn’t bear to see it starve.  So that day we said our goodbyes, hugged people who had been so kind and loving to us, and loaded our 2 boys (our family was still growing at the time), 2 dogs, and 1 cat into our car and drove off to Biloxi.  That day we became cat owners!  Here is the moral to the story: whatever you feed will stick around! Read More