Connect Groups are the first step to becoming engaged in the groups at Bartlett Baptist. Connect Groups are a great way to meet people in your age group or life stage. Connect Groups meet every Sunday morning at Bartlett Baptist at 8:00, 9:00, and 10:30. We have Connect Groups for every preschooler, child, student, and adult in the hopes of serving them while they are on our campus each week.

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Ladies               Peggy Blanchard                    2076
65+ Ladies           Cathy Bickerstaff                   2077
65+ Men            Jim Blanchard                      Conference Room
70+ Ladies          Lindy Skinner                       1076
80+ Men            Merritt Moon                      1068

9:00 a.m. Connect Group

Preschool  Preschool Team                      The Ark (1st Floor)
Grade School        Kidz Team                            KidZone (2nd Floor)
7th-12th Grade      Student Team                        The Grid (2nd Floor)
CollegeKyle | Jeannene Bellue           1068
20's Coed            Frank | Nikki Downing          2025 | 2026
30’s Coed            Kelly Jones                         1066
30’s COEDStephen MitchellFlex Room
30's-40's Coed       Mark Champion                      2020 | 2022
30's-40's Coed      Anthony Dickinson                2076
40's-50's Coed      Dennis Barlow                        207
50's-60's Coed       Mike Mullenix                        8
The Gathering      Gathering Team                      1074
Spanish Ministry   Franklin Rosas                      Conference Room

10:20 a.m. Connect Group

40's-50's Coed      Pete Sparks                        1074
50's-60's Coed       Dennis Hawkins                      2076
50's-60's Coed       Joe Sanders                         2078
60's-70's Coed       Hal Horne                           1066
55+ Men           Tuley Lynch                2080
65+ Coed           Gene Long                        1068
65+ Coed            Chuck Freeman                    Conference Room
65+ Ladies          Pam Crawford                     1076


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