Message: “A Holy Priesthood” from Michael Priest

Michael Priest - January 21, 2018

A Holy Priesthood


The Bible is filled with analogies that describe the church and almost everyone of them highlights the corporate nature of the church. If Christianity was a sport it most certainly would be a team sport. The church is a spiritual building being built by Jesus. The church is a flock made up of many sheep and Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The church is a family made of many individuals and God is the Father. As Paul pointed out in Romans 12, the church is a body made up of many parts and Jesus is the head. Following the same line of argument Peter points out that the church is a spiritual house built up of many individual stones and built upon Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone. And he tells us that this spiritual house is also a holy priesthood. As we saw this morning, we are priest who present sacrifices to the Father and proclaim salvation to the nation.

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